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This simple science for job hunting is revolutionary and inexpensive, and cuts job hunting time and stress.

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Why this is the world’s fastest way to a better job.

We’ve created a copyrighted job changing system that people can use to move up in their field, or out to another field, and often at higher earnings.
Furthermore, it doesn’t require “genius” or “luck.” And it is a remarkable value—both low in cost and very easy to use.
Based on a new science for job hunting, this has cut job hunting time by up to 80% and produced far more interviews. Gone are the old-style resumes and job hunting methods.
Even years ago our earliest work on our system was released to good comments.

"The best for finding a better job."

Chicago Today

"A breakthrough."

Personnel Journal

"Advanced. Highly recommended."

Vocational Quarterly


Business Week

"Hundreds of new ideas."

Houston Chronicle

"Inside information."

St. Paul Press

"Worthwhile for anyone."

Retired Officer

"All the professional secrets of job hunting."

Purchasing Week

Why this system is needed.

30 million resumes are now circulated every day. One job site even claims to have 220,000,000 resumes on their worldwide site.

And despite low unemployment, millions at middle and senior levels drop out— because their old job hunting methods don’t work any more. Even some MBAs and Law graduates are challenged.

With competition at record levels, top HR executives and leading recruiters agree that new approaches to job hunting are long overdue.

Our new system is revolutionary, easy-to-use and fast. Developed over years of private work with 100,000 professionals, it took an investment of millions of dollars.

Here’s some of what our system now gives each person:

  • (1) New, easier and faster ways to get interviews.
  • (2) Outstanding samples of revolutionary new style resumes—easy to adapt.
  • (3) Proven and powerful easy-to-copy letters that have worked in all situations.
  • (4) Exactly how people can be in the top 5% at interviewing.
  • (5) Solutions for handling unemployment, age concerns and other personal issues.

Some new concepts our system reveals.

  • How to search for 20-50% higher earnings.
  • Why you need to break traditional job hunting rules.
  • Building top level contacts from a zero base.
  • Why new style resumes are consistently 10x better.
  • How to continuously find private openings every day.
  • The best way to get interviews with CEOs.
  • How to get 1,000% more from answering ads.
  • How to cut your job hunting time by up to 80%.
  • Power letters that almost always bring calls.
  • How to overcome most age barriers.
  • The 10 biggest job hunting mistakes millions make.
  • Maximizing chemistry 100% of the time.
  • 25 different ways to get the right interviews.
  • How to job hunt successfully without a resume.
  • The 20 top make or break interviewing rules.
  • The keys to mastering video interviews.
  • How to quickly make the most of LinkedIn.
  • How to make direct mail produce many more calls.
  • The best creative package for all executives.
  • How to negotiate a signing bonus or a higher offer.
  • How to maximize calls from recruiters.
  • How to handle any average or poor references.
  • Getting great results when searching long distance.
  • How you can move into fast growing industries.

What people say was most helpful.

We’d like to share some comments from people who used the system we’ve pioneered. These comments are typical of many we receive. Over 98% are favorable.

"It was humbling, there is so much to know." VP Sales

“My confidence soared reviewing your ideas.” Corporate Photographer

“You tell people how to do it.” Program Manager

“Just received my MBA. A great help.” Research Analyst

“Frankly my job hunting skills were a zero. Thanks.” Business Owner

“Is there anyone who would not do better?” Director of Finance

“A light bulb went off.” Computer Sci Major

“Bottom line is your system works.” Chemical Engineer

“Finally, I was ready for job hunting.” Director of Operations

“Overall, a very positive career experience.” Trainer

“Completely changes job hunting.” CIO

“Have salvaged my career.” Financial Executive

“A rare life-changing experience.” VP/Engineering

“What I got is beyond what I can say.” Executive VP

“The resumes were 10x better.” Account Executive

“I did a professional search.” Home Care Administrator

“My wife says you saved my career.” Cost Accountant

“Copying your letters was invaluable.” Director of Marketing

“You make job hunting a different ball game.” Coach

“Bold and aggressive for me, but it worked.” Professor

Career Pace and the people behind this system.

Career Pace consists of a small group of highly motivated professionals. Our mission is to create new, faster and highly effective ways for people to find new jobs.

The author of our system is Bob Gerberg, a leading authority on job hunting. Over 30 years he has authored hundreds of audios and videos, and dozens of books.

These includeThe Professional Job Changing System, $100,000 and Above, and 15 New Rules for Job Hunting Success. Also authored TAPIT, The Personal Marketing Program and many others.

Precursors to our system, they were used by the U.S. Marine Corps, the CIA, Warner Lambert, Exxon, Citicorp, Kellogg, Novartis and hundreds of other organizations.

Bob was an Air Force officer, and worked in marketing with Honeywell, PepsiCo and a major food chain. After being a VP Marketing, he received venture capital to enter this field.

He has a BA from Colgate University, a year of studies as an Air Force Officer, an MBA from the Univer- sity of Pittsburgh and advanced studies at MIT, sponsored by PepsiCo.

In creating this system, he was assisted over the years by dozens of key partners who worked together and shared the same objective.

Our 80 reports are the key to our system,
and they are also available in fast moving audios.

The reports average 8 to 10 pages, Those containing samples or lists are longer. You just use what you need. The ideas are the most highly effective in the world. The first item below is our 112 page book on our system.

    How to Maximize Your Interviews.
  • Outstanding New Style Resumes.
  • Powerful Letters That Get Calls.
  • Interviews: How to Be in The Top 5%.
Solutions for Special Situations.
Recent Additions.

You also get our 6 online quick reference books on our system.

These are a convenient source for referral during your job search. Averaging just 70 pages and packed with easy-to-use ideas... they just cover highlights for easy reference.

Exciting ways to get interviews, easy-to-use and effective. You can select from 25 ways to get interviews.

New styles unlike others. Can bring up to 7-10 times more interviews. Use them to create your best resumes ever.

Proven samples for 10 situations you may need. Just copy what’s worked for others into your own powerful letters.

How to excel... build chemistry, handle liabilities, answers to key questions, optimize body language & more.

Little-known ideas...mistakes to avoid, how to lift your marketability, 10 top executive career changes & more.

Top growth industries...paths to $100-$300K and up, how some people get better jobs than superstars & more.

Why our system works...and what it requires.

Perhaps you’re wondering why our system works? Well, it works because it’s a completely different approach, based on many new concepts.

But, also because it’s simple, practical, and self-tailoring. At any income level, you could start next week—and do it far less strain, confusion or worry.

Now you won’t be a success if you fall back on old methods that have you sitting in waiting rooms, doing endless application and tracking forms... and scattering resumes.

To succeed with more speed and convenience, you’ll have to be willing to change. You’ll also have to follow the parts of our system that apply to you...and have an open mind.

Do it right and you’ll likely gain higher earnings, more job security, and much more self confidence! And, you’ll never waste time in dead-end situations.

This is because once you’ve used it, you’ll know how you can always market yourself into a new job,—a lot more quickly and predictably.

Recapping how our system works, and... our no-risk, must-be-satisfied guarantee.

You don’t need to take any risk to review our Easier Way to Change Jobs System, as we provide a 30-day money back guarantee period. Frankly, it’s hard to imagine how anyone looking for a job, would ever risk being without our system. But you decide once you review it. Here’s a recap.

  1. Review our revolutionary online book on our system. It is 112 pages and in color.
  2. Then select from our 80 reports, with the latest and most effective ideas, whatever you need.
  3. Our reports are also available online on audio. Hundreds of thousands have enjoyed them.
  4. During your search, for convenient referral, go to our 6 online quick reference books.
  5. To be your best, use our Career History Profile to surface all your skills.
  6. Everything is accessible online for 12 months, and you’ll also get all updates.
    Your complete satisfaction is fully guaranteed. If you look for a new job... or wish to help someone else who is... this service can make an enormous career difference.

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