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Introducing—Our Easier Way to Change Jobs System

We’ve created a copyrighted job changing system that makes job hunting easier. It took millions of dollars and years of private work with 100,000 job seekers. Previously, our founder’s books on job hunting were used by millions of people. But with 30 million resumes in circulation, some bold new ideas were called for.

What make this special.

  • People choose from 25 ways to get interviews, and use what they need.
  • People get exciting and easy-to-copy new style resume samples for all levels..
  • They also get easy-to-copy letter samples that worked for others.
  • Anyone’s competitive interviewing skills can be lifted dramatically.
  • Our system provides solutions for personal situations. For example:
    • How to change industries... or what to if they become unemployed
    • How to handle age concerns, not having a degree... and more.
    • How to sell transferable skills... and give people a new view of you.
    • How to search long distance or internationally... and dozens more.

How this system works.

  1. First review our short book... The Easier Way to Change Jobs System. It is online and available in hard cover.
  2. Then select from our 80 online briefing reports at 8-10 pages, whatever fits your situation. People just use what they need.
  3. The reports are also available online on audio.
  4. When you do your search, for convenient referral, us our 6 online quick reference books... which ae 80 pages each.
  5. If you are not sure about what to market about yourself, complete our online Career History Profile. It surfaces all marketable skills and assets.
  6. Everything is accessible online for 12 months, including all updates and additions.
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