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About The Author

The author of our system is Bob Gerberg, a leading authority on job hunting.Over 30 years he has authored hundreds of audios and videos, and dozens of books.

These included The Professional Job Changing System, $100,000 and Above, and 15 New Rules for Job Hunting Success. He also authored TAPIT, The Personal Marketing Program and numerous others.

Many of these were used in outplacement programs by groups such as the U.S. Marine Corps, the CIA, and corporations such as Warner Lambert, Exxon, Citicorp, Kellogg, Novartis and more.

In total, more than $700 million of his publications, audios, videos, resume and outplacement services have been sold worldwide by firms with whom he has partnered and licensed.

Bob was an U.S. Air Force officer, and then worked in marketing with Honeywell and PepsiCo and a major food chain. After becoming a VP of Marketing, he received venture capital to enter the employment field.

He has a BA from Colgate University, a year of studies as an Air Force Officer, an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and advanced studies at MIT, sponsored by PepsiCo.

In creating this system, he was assisted over the years by his many partners. They also gave seminars to a half million people, and privately advised 100,000 professionals and executives.

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