BBB Review

Content Of Key Reports.

(01). Introducing This Easier Way.
How our exciting system works.

(02). How The Two Job Markets Work.
How to find all your job possibilities.

(03). How to Really Answer Ads.
Proven ideas that lift response.

(04). Finding Leads to Private Jobs.
Finding jobs that will never appear online.

(05). Contacting Employers Directly.
The science of making direct mail work.

(06). Maximizing Recruiters.
Everything you need to generate calls.

(07). Networking Made Easier.
Proven ideas for making it easier.

(08). Making The Most of LinkedIn.
How to use it to get maximum interviews.

(09). Phone Power Gets Interviews.
How to do it and scripts that get results.

(10). Creating Your Own Job.
How others have done this well.

(11). How to Change Industries.
Keys to doing it with more predictability.

(12). The Value of Marketing Websites.
For networking and looking long distance.

(13). Game Plans.
Select from 25 ways to get interviews.

(14). Your Step-By-Step Action Plan.
A checklist to get you into action.

(15). Finding Executives to Contact.
Hundreds of databases to use.

(16). Recruiters, VCs & Equity Firms.
Largest firms in each of these categories.

(17). Job Hunting Summary Guide.
Avoiding 10 major mistakes millions make.

(18). Why 95% of All Resumes Fail.
Tells precisely why... and what to avoid.

(19). Outstanding New Style Resumes.
Some raise activity by up to 7 to 10 times.

(20). Samples of Universal Resumes.
Better than any you’ve ever seen.

(21). The Power of Biographies.
Nothing is more impressive and commanding.

(22). Samples of Biographies.
These achieved truly extraordinary results.

(23). A Superior Executive Package.
How a package changed a person’s life.

(27). Powerful Letters Produce Calls.
Should be your calling card—not resumes.

(28). Great Letters For Employers.
Letters that brought others success.

(29). Great Networking Letters.
Much easier than cold-calling.

(30). Letters For Answering Ads.
They are more likely to get read.

(31). Letters For References.
Makes getting references easier.

(32). Follow Up Letters.
Letters that help close offers.

(39). Turning Interviews Into Offers.
Keys to being in the top 5%.

(40). Maximizing Personal Chemistry.
A simple 7 step process that works.

(41). Projecting The Right Image.
Raises confidence and helps win.

(42). How to Handle Any Objection.
A way to handle negatives smoothly.

(43). Reading Personalities.
Keys to winning them over.

(44). How to Use References.
Turn average references into great ones.

(45). A Proven Negotiation System.
A soft sell system with scripts—that works.

(46). Uncovering Marketable Assets.
Surfaces all you have to offer.

(47). Setting The Right Goals.
You may have more options than you realize.

(48). Timing & Financing Your Search.
16 ways to raise modest funds.

(49). How to Build A Will to Succeed.
Like sport teams, expect to succeed.

(50). What To Do When Unemployed.
Actions to take and pitfalls to avoid.

(51). Selling Your Transferable Skills.
Employers buy what you can do.

(52). New Ways to Think About You.
New ways to come up with fresh options.

(53). Options for Wall Street Pro’s.
Their full range of possibilities are attractive.

(54). Career Options for Educators.
Why educators are in demand everywhere.

(55). Career Options For Ex-Military.
Why their options have never been better.

(56). 10 Top Options For Executives.
The 10 most popular career changes.

(57). Advice For Young Professionals.
Narrowing your options down to what’s best.

(58). Careers After Raising A Family.
Directions that worked for others.

(59). When You Have Age Concerns.
Why so many seniors are doing well.

(60). Advice For Ex-Entrepreneurs.
Key strategies for optimum marketing.

(61). Too Many Job Changes?
Ways for handling perceived instability.

(62). Advice For Specialists.
Be in the running for many jobs.

(63). Advice For Generalists.
Handling “you’re short must have” skills.

(64). For Those Who Lack A Degree.
How to offset this concern.

(65). For Those Too Long in One Firm.
Way to make this easy to overcome.

(66). Job Hunting Services.
Prices, practices, concerns and more.

(67). When A Search isn’t Working.
How to revive a failing search.

(68). Looking An International Job.
Basic but important thoughts.

(69). Considering Your Own Business.
Getting off to a really good start.

(70). First 90 Days in a New Job.
Principles that took others to real success.

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