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Millions still use old methods that waste a lot of time. But, now you can search with new style resumes, power letters, new concepts for interviewing and more. This is the world’s most comprehensive course. For those seeking $50,000 to $500,000, it is also exceptionally easy to use.

20 of our ways to make job hunting easier

Know your market and where the jobs are.

Follow our game plan.

Copy our world class new style resumes.

Use 2nd or 3rd resumes for more activity.

Use one of our biographies for maximum value.

Copy from our amazing letter samples.

Overcome your liabilities with our impressive solutions.

Handle unemployment with our proven action steps.

At 40+, your age may require new solutions.

Review our fast growing industries for new ideas.

Use custom direct mail to reach the right people.

With recruiters, be prepared for phone discussions.

Turning around poor references is easy to do.

Use our new ways to answer ads.

Do faster networking using new ideas.

Use new ways to get more leads to private jobs.

Set interviews over the phone.

When others speak well of you, build on the relationship.

Be able to read personalities to get others to make offers.

Use our ways for building chemistry, charisma & likability.

Everything a job hunter needs.

What is covered in our course. You choose and review what you prefer.

First—50+ fast moving audios at averaging 4 minutes each.

  • Mistakes to avoid.
  • The new job market.
  • Raising marketability.
  • Leads to private jobs.
  • Using recruiters.
  • Faster networking.
  • Changing industries.
  • Growth industries.
  • Doing direct mail.
  • Phone power.
  • Creating your job.
  • Top Internet sites.
  • Your game plan.
  • Long distance search.
  • Getting intern’l jobs.
  • 10 job hunting myths.
  • Surpassing superstars.
  • Privacy & destiny.
  • Key resume mistakes.
  • New style resumes.
  • Selling key skills.
  • The power of biographies.
  • Contemporary resumes.
  • Major letter mistakes.
  • Key situations for letters.
  • 10 interviewing mistakes.
  • Maximizing chemistry.
  • Great body language.
  • Reading personalities.
  • Changing personalities.
  • Questions to handle.
  • Interviewing essentials.
  • Raising likability.
  • Handling references.
  • Be great at videos.
  • Handle any objection.
  • Building charisma.
  • Selling skills w/stories.
  • Selling leadership skills.
  • Impressing executives.
  • Negotiating an offer.

  • Factors to negotiate.
  • Checking out employers.
  • If a new job is a mistake.
  • Handling unemployment.
  • Handling age concerns.
  • No degree?
  • Searching in secrecy.
  • Poor references.
  • Financing a search.
  • Executive careers.
  • Your will to succeed.
  • Working from home.
  • Handling liabilities.
  • Options for educators.

Second—Over 30+ special reports at 6 to 8 pages. Again, you review what you prefer.

  • Setting goals.
  • Job market facts.
  • Jobs & recessions.
  • Lifting self esteem.
  • Super women.
  • The right image.
  • Finding contacts.
  • Getting part time jobs.
  • Maximizing LinkedIn.
  • Careers @ $100-$500K.
  • Options for ex-military.
  • Response to high offers.
  • Options for young staff.
  • Careers after a family.
  • Too many jobs.
  • Advice for specialists.
  • Advice for generalists.
  • Photos for resumes.
  • Skills in demand.
  • Popular occupations.
  • U.S. growth firms.
  • Too long in a firm?
  • Ex-entrepreneur?
  • Fixing a search.
  • First 90 days in a new job.

Third—5 easy to read short books.

Costs. The New Science of Job Hunting Course is $595. Designed for easy delivery, this is self activated by the user who can use the course at their own pace from any location. Our 50+ audios average 4 minutes each, and our 30 +special reports are 6 to 8 pages. Our 5 books are very easy to read.

Instruction option, the course may be taught in groups via zoom over 4 consecutive sessions of 90 minutes each dealing with (1) getting interviews, (2) new style resumes, (3) creating power letters and (4) interviewing competition.All materials from our self directed course are also provided. Business opportunities are available with no franchise fees in fees in select geographic areas. The cost with instruction is $995.

Author. Robert James Gerberg has authored over15 books including: The Professional Job Changing System, An Easier Way to Change Jobs, $100,000 & Above and others. Over $550 million of his publications / services have been sold by his firms, licensees & partners. Initially an Air Force Officer, later becames a VP Marketing. He has a BA from Colgate, an MBA from Pittsburgh and studies at MIT, sponsored by PepsiCo.

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