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For people seeking $60,000 to $750,000+
This simple science for job hunting is revolutionary and inexpensive, and cuts job hunting time and stress.

Why This Is The Easiest Way to Land The Right New Job.

  • Even with millions of resumes out there, job hunting time can be cut by up to 80%.
  • This is a new science for job hunting. Gone are the old-style resumes and approaches.
  • Both remarkable and inexpensive, even years ago our earliest concepts were praised.

"The best for finding a better job."

Chicago Today

"A breakthrough."

Personnel Journal

"Advanced. Highly recommended."

Vocational Quarterly


Business Week

"Hundreds of new ideas."

Houston Chronicle

"Inside information."

St. Paul Press

"Worthwhile for anyone."

Retired Officer

"All the professional secrets of job hunting."

Purchasing Week

Why We Created This System.

We’ve created a copyrighted job changing system that makes job hunting a lot easier at all income level. People worldwide have used it successfully.

Developed over years of private work with 30,000 job seekers worldwide, it took an investment of millions of dollars.

Previously, our founder’s books and audios on job hunting were used by millions of people. But with 30 million resumes in circulation, some bold new ideas were called for.

So we asked ourselves, what could be done to help people achieve a better life style? And the main thing was for them to avoid wasting time in the wrong situations.

And we also knew that instead of struggling at job hunting, giving them a way to make the right move could be major. So, our solution was to focus on making finding new jobs easier.

Our Easier Way to Change Jobs System now equips you with the following.

  • (1) New, easier and faster ways to get interviews.
  • (2) New style resumes with much more impact, and which are adapt.
  • (3) Impressive power letters for every situation that are also easy to copy.
  • (4) Exactly what you need to do, to be in the top 5 % at interviewing.
  • (5) Professional solutions for those facing special situations.

Now this system is very simple, and lets you job hunt with less stress. You’ll avoid scattering average materials, chasing dead end leads and your confidence will be higher than ever.

What does this require? You’ll have to follow the key parts that relate to you and keep an open mind. But do these and a better life can be at your fingertips.

And that includes, whatever you seek, higher pay, more satisfaction or growth opportunity. So, if you’re serious about moving up, here’s what you should do. Look over our revolutionary system.

What You Get With Our Complete System.

  • Our system is in 70 online Briefing Reports. At 10-12 pages, you use what you need. In color, they cover professional advice on every key job hunting topic.
  • You’ll also get online, our AUDIO VERSION, if you prefer to learn by listening or seminars. They are fast moving and interesting.
  • And, you’ll get our 4 online books abridged from our Reports, covering the main points of our system. At 100 pages each and in color, they can be instantly downloaded worldwide.
    Everything is accessible for 12 months, with all additions
    and updates, and you get everything instantly worldwide.
Our 70 Briefing Reports Are The Key to Our System.
    How to Maximize Your Interviews.
  • Outstanding New Style Resumes.
  • Powerful Letters That Get Calls.
  • Interviews: How to Be in The Top 5%.
Solutions for Special Situations.

About Us... And How We Created This System.

Career Pace is a digital publishing firm. Our mission is to uncover easier and faster ways to help professionals and executives find new jobs.

The author of our system is Bob Gerberg, a leading authority on job hunting. Over 30 years he has authored hundreds of audios and videos, and dozens of books.

These included The Professional Job Changing System, $100,000 and Above, and 15 New Rules for Job Hunting Success. He also authored TAPIT, The Personal Marketing Program and others.

Many of these were used in outplacement programs by groups such as the U.S. Marine Corps, the CIA, and corporations such as Warner Lambert, Exxon, Citicorp, Kellogg, Novartis and more.

In total, more than $700 million of his publications, audios, videos, resume and outplacement services have been sold worldwide by firms with whom he has partnered and licensed.

Bob was an U.S. Air Force officer, and then worked in marketing with Honeywell, PepsiCo and a majo rfood chain. After becoming a VP of Marketing Services, he received venture capital to enter the employment field

He has a BA from Colgate University, a year of studies as an Air Force Officer, an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and advanced studies at MIT, sponsored by PepsiCo.

In creating this system, he was assisted by over 50 partners. They worked privately with more than 30,000 professionals for many years, setting a new standard for excellence in this field.

You Also Get Our 4 Quick Online Reference Books On Our System.

They can be reviewed online or downloaded.

Our system is summarized in 4 short books, in color and illustrated.

The 1st part of our system is on getting interviews, while cutting job hunting time. No old style resumes or approaches.

  • How the two new job markets work.
  • The only good strategies for answering ads.
  • Easy ways to find leads to private jobs.
  • The professional rules for direct mail to employers.
  • How to get the most calls from recruiters.
  • Phone power to get interviews, with great scripts.
  • 100 fast growing industries and keys to changing.
  • 25 ways for getting the interviews...and much more.

The 2nd part of our system. Today with one job site claiming 120 million resumes on file, these exciting samples are the answer.’

  • Judge how good your resume is on a 1-10 scale.
  • Impressive new style resumes for different applications.
  • Why these resumes are 7-10 x better.
  • Powerful samples of one-page universal resumes.
  • Quick response resumes for getting past gatekeepers.
  • Electronic resumes for more interviews via the internet.
  • Outstanding executive biography samples.
  • The executive creative packages that work, and much more.

The 3rd part of our system. This gives you easy-to-copy letters.
They can excite employers about you, and much more.

  • Outstanding samples of letters to employers.
  • Great third-party letters to employers.
  • Letters for networking that eliminate cold calls.
  • Letters for contacting alumni.
  • Great letters for answering ads that work.
  • Great letters for leads you’ve uncovered.
  • Great letters for optimizing your references.
  • Samples of winning follow up letters.
  • Letters for networking influential executives.

The 4th part of our system. Many professionals treat interviewing lightly. But among finalists, only one comes out the winner.

  • Proven answers to challenging questions.
  • How to handle video interviews—and be impressive.
  • The 20 new make or break interviewing rules.
  • 7 steps for maximizing chemistry in minutes.
  • A way to handle any objections in interviews.
  • How to consistently project the right image.
  • Using body language to get positive results.
  • How to read any interviewer’s personality.
  • A negotiating system with proven scripts and much more.

Some of The New Concepts Revealed.

  • How to search for 20-50% more.
  • Why you need to break traditional rules.
  • Building top level contacts from zero.
  • How to find private openings every day.
  • Getting maximum calls from recruiters.
  • Getting interviews with CEOs.
  • How to get 1000% more from ads.
  • How to handle poor references.
  • Building appeal beyond credentials.
  • How to cut job hunting time by 80%.
  • The key to searching long distance.
  • Why new style resumes work.
  • Setting interviews by phone.
  • How to negotiate a contract.
  • How to overcome age barriers.
  • Moving into fast-growing industries.
  • How to control any interview.
  • The 10 biggest mistakes millions make.
  • Maximizing chemistry in 5 minutes.
  • 25 ways to get interviews.
  • Job hunting without a resume.
  • How to get past gatekeepers.
  • The top 20 interviewing rules.
  • Keys to handling video interviews.
  • How to search internationally.
  • Making the most of LinkedIn.
  • How to make direct mail work.
  • Why executive biographies change lives.
  • Negotiating a signing bonus.
  • Networking made easier.

What People Say Was Most Helpful.

We’d like to share some comments from people who used the system we’ve pioneered. These 20 comments are typical of many we receive every day. Over 98% are favorable.

“It was humbling to find there was so much I didn’t know.” VP Sales

“My confidence soared reviewing your ideas.” Corporate Photographer

“You tell people what to do and precisely how to do it.” Program Manager

“Just received my MBA. This was of great help.” Research Analyst

“Frankly my job hunting skills were a zero. Now, I’m a 10.” Business Owner

“Is there anyone who would not do better?” Director of Finance

“A light bulb went off.” Computer Sci Major

“Bottom line is your system works. That’s all that counts.” Chemical Engineer

“For the first time in my life, I was ready for job hunting.” Director of Operations

“Overall, a very positive career changing experience.” Trainer

"Completely changes job hunting from all I used to do." CIO

"Have managed to salvage my career." Financial Executive

"A rare life-changing experience." VP/Engineering

"What I got from your service is beyond what I can say." Executive VP

"The resumes were 10x better than what I had.” Account Executive

"I felt for the first time I really did a professional search." Home Care Administrator

"My wife says you saved my career. I guess that says it." Cost Accountant

"Being able to copy your letters was invaluable." Director of Marketing

"It’s fair to say you make job hunting a different ball game." Coach

"Bold and aggressive for me, but it worked." Professor

Our No-Risk, Must-Be-Satisfied Guarantee.

You don’t need to take any risk to review our Easier Way to Change Jobs System,as we provide a 30-day preview and money back guarantee period.

Frankly, it’s hard to imagine how any professional, who looks for a job, would ever risk being without our system. But you decide once you review it. Our complete service includes.

  • Our 70 online Briefing Reports. At 10-12 pages, you just use what you need. In color and illustrated, they cover professional advice on every key job hunting topic.
  • You also get online our fast-moving AUDIO VERSION, if you prefer to learn by listening.
  • And, you’ll get our 4 online quick reference books covering the main points of our system. in color and illustrated, they can be instantly downloaded worldwide.
    Everything is accessible for 12 months, with all additions
    and updates, and you get everything instantly worldwide.

As we said, your complete satisfaction is fully guaranteed. If you look for a new job or wish to help someone else who is, this urgent information belongs in your hands without any delay.


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